Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Refine classes

[Time 6:29 mins]

Now that we have identified some basic classes, some questions come to mind. Let us ponder a bit over these questions. We might identify new classes or remove some old ones at the end.

  • Do we need different types of customers
  • Do we need to represent simple and complex items differently?
  • How do we represent different types of prices?
    • Attributes vs sub classes
  • How do we represent units?
So now we have added a few classes:
  • PriviledgedCustomer (maybe... let me ask the client)
  • DiscountedPrice
  • PerUnitPrice
  • Various Unit subclasses
This is by no means the final class list. As we identify responsibilities and collaborations, we will further refine this class list.

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