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Planning a User Guide - Part 2/5 - Determining the Overall Scope

Photo by  NordWood Themes  on  Unsplash In the previous post , I described how to do an audience analysis for a user guide. Understanding the audience will help you make design decisions that will serve your users in a better way. Once you have understood what the audience needs, the next step -- and the topic of this post -- is to plan the overall scope of the manual. I have outlined below, a list of sections that most manuals consist of. It's a comprehensive list and it's quite possible that your manual won't need all these sections. This post will also help you decide which sections you need. Cover Page The Cover Page contains the following details: The title of the user guide. A company logo. The version number of the product.  Optionally, the Cover Page can also mention the publish date and a one-line copyright notice. Sometimes, these details are mentioned on the page immediately following the cover page. Legal Notices The