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Software Quality

Lately I have been following a lot of discussions on software code quality. There seems to be a lack of consensus on what quality means. This is not very surprising, since quality is a very subjective term, it means different things to different people. Here's what it means to me: I believe every software is created for a specific purpose. The purpose usually defines the forces that act on the software. Most common forces that usually act on any software from a bsiness perspective are: 1. Adaptability - How well will the software adapt to changes 2. Reliability - How often will the software crash 3. Timeliness - How fast can we ship the software 4. Economy - How much will the software cost 5. Performance - Does the software have quick turnaround times 6. Scalability - Will the software continue to be performant if the user base were to increase substantially 7. Usability - How intuitive is it to use the software These business factors are usually achieved by the following technical