Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Performance Anti Patterns

Some time back Frank Sommers wrote a blog on Artima.com in which he highlighted some software performance Anti Patterns. A few developers also added to the list from their experience. Below are some of the points mentioned in the Blog.
- Not thinking of performance (at all) during development
- Measuring and comparing the wrong things
- Algorithmic antipathy
- Reusing (old) software
- Iterating too much
- Focusing on what you can see, rather than what the real problem is
- Layering too much software on each other
- Too many threads (improperly used threads)
- Premature optimization
- Overuse of IO operations or ignoring those that are being used
- Not having an execution flow model, only a component view
- Incorrect use of Exceptions
- XML overuse (or improper use)
- Improper understanding of sw/hw configuration parameters
- Bad string handling
- Imbalanced use of database processing and high level language processing
You can read the blog on Artima's website.

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