Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Installed Ubuntu Linux

Yesterday I installed Ubuntu Linux on an old Samsung V25 laptop. The installation process was pretty smooth, except for the blinking screen. The screen resolution selector did not show the resolution of my machine (1024x768), so I selected the closest match of 1200x800. Rest was smooth, Ubuntu installed properly with a few post installation hiccups.
- The GUI started with a screen resolution of 640x480. The screen resolution preferences box from the admin menu did not have any other option. That was a let down. However after some Googling I found out that I could get the original resolution of my monitor by tweaking the refresh rates in /etc/X11/xorg.conf. I added two lines in the 'monitor' section -
HorizSync 31,5-48,5
VertRefresh 40-70
This did the trick. The resolution was perfect.

-This version 5.10 had proper ACPI support, which the previous version 5.04 lacked. However when I unplugged the power cable the icon in the tool bar took about 5-10 seconds to change to battery power. The screen dimmed immediately, which was good. The battery icon once displayed, showed the proper available battery power.

-The mouse moved too fast. I reduced the acceleration and increased the sensitivity slightly to make the mouse move at a speed, that I was comfortable with.

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